Engineering House

Start your journey within the College of Engineering and Engineering Technology with the Engineering House. Intentionally designed to fuel your curiosity and help you pursue your passion, the Engineering House is located in Grant Towers and is created specifically for engineering students. By participating in the Engineering House, you will build relationships with faculty and staff, as well as participate in exclusive opportunities to enrich your college career.


  • Access to an on floor computer lab equipped with engineering software.
  • Living within a community filled with your peers.
  • Academic advising within the community.
  • Opportunities to interact with faculty and staff within the College of Engineering.
  • Cohort style classes that include academic assistance in physics 253 and calculus 229.

For More Information

To learn more about the Engineering House, contact the program coordinator:

Mark Pietrowski


Grant Towers


Engineering House is open to students majoring in any of the following:

  • Majoring within the College of Engineering and Engineering Technology.
  • Enrolled in MATH 229 and PHYS 253 cohort sections for the fall semester
  • Must participate in a minimum of two activities planned by the community leaders per semester.

How to Sign Up

Log in to MyHousing and follow the instructions for selecting a new room and meal plan. If you meet the above requirement, you will be able to select a room in the Engineering House. Note that depending on the time of the year, room selection may be unavailable to you. Learn more about the room selection timeline.

Questions about sign-up? Contact Housing and Residential Services at 815-753-1525 or

Contact Us

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