University Residency Requirement

The university residency requirement stipulates that all single students classified as freshmen (fewer than 24 hours of NIU accepted college credit, and enrolling directly after graduation from high school) and has not reached their 21st birthday by Sept. 1, and not residing with their parents or legal guardians (within 50 miles of the DeKalb campus), must live in a Northern Illinois University residence hall for a full academic year (August-May) or the following full academic year, if admitted in spring semester.

All students bound by the residency requirement must:

Commuting From a Permanent Home Address

A student can request an exemption if they are commuting from the permanent home of their parent/guardian, and that home is within 50 miles of the NIU DeKalb campus. Living with siblings, friends or in family-owned subsidiary housing in which the parent or guardian does not permanently reside does not meet the standards for an exemption. To request an exemption to the residency request electronically, please click the button below.

Request residency requirement exemption

You will need to upload the attached file New Freshman Application to Commute (PDF) to complete your submission above. You may print and mail this form as part of your Residency Requirement Exemption request if you prefer.

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