Program Pillars

As a member, you will be given the opportunity to complete each pillar during their academic college careers. Completion of each pillar will result in a certification and upon completion of all four pillars, you will be eligible to purchase a Boey Honors Program (BHP) stole for graduation. If you are a transfer student, you may submit documentation of fulfilled requirements from your previous institution.

The program is divided into two divisions:

  • Lower division: completion of two pillars
  • Upper division: completion of four pillars

For the completion of each individual pillar, you will receive an e-mail confirming that all of the requirements have been met and completion will be noted. Once you have completed any two (2) pillars, you'll receive "lower-division BHP status" and be rewarded a certificate of status and pillar completion, as well as a BHP graduation cord. If you complete all four (4) pillars, "upper-division BHP status", a transcript notation and certificate of completion will be rewarded.

Semester Completion Deadlines

  • Fall - Nov. 30
  • Spring - April 30

View membership eligibility and application requirements.

  • Attend three (3) academic workshops that may include, but are not limited to:
    • Etiquette dinner
    • Career/major related workshop, fair, etc.
    • Attend a workshop posted on Huskie Link (related to academics)
    • Join Huskies Get Hired
    • Resume workshops
    • Networking workshop
    • Profession-related workshop, fair, etc.
    • Internship or job search related
  • Complete one (1) interview with someone in major's department

Academic Achievement Pillar Log

Members will be required to complete the following:

  • Attend two (2) cultural events or workshops
  • Interview a director, associate director or office manager of another diversity center


  • Complete a cultural creative project
    • You will pick a type of creative project and conduct research on a topic that is based around the Asian/Asian-American culture or community.
      • Types of projects include:
        • Video documentary
        • Poster
        • Interview
        • Essay
        • Spoken presentation
        • PowerPoint/Prezi presentation
      • Topics to research may include (but are not limited to):
        • Portrayal of Asians in the media
        • Fusion of Asian culture in society
        • Model minority myth
        • Multiracial relationships

Any other topics or creative project ideas not listed above must be presented to and approved by the program's committee.

This project will allow the student to creatively portray a topic, based around the Asian culture or community, after doing extensive research. The subject of the project may be anything the student desires, as long as it is approved by the Committee. You also have the option of publicly presenting your project at OHANA! or to the rest of the program's members.

Cultural Education Pillar Log

You must take three (3) leadership positions that may include, but are not limited to:

  • Pick one of the three mandatory choices below:
    • Student Involvement (summit, participation in program)
    • Executive board for another organization
    • Mentor in a mentoring program
  • Pick two of the three choices below:
    • Take the lead in an event/program (i.e. OHANA, another department)
    • Public speaking event (speak at an event)
    • Speak on a panel

Leadership Pillar Log

You must complete 15 volunteer hours for a semester, which should include:

Members will be required to log all volunteer hours in the provided logbook and complete a reflection after each volunteer event that they complete. It is asked that a signature is obtained from the event's representative or coordinator.

Service Pillar Log