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Resident Meal Plan

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If you're living on campus in New Residence Hall, Neptune Hall, Gilbert Hall, Grant Towers or Stevenson Towers, you automatically get the Huskie Unlimited Access Plan. It provides unlimited access seven days a week to any All You Care to Eat dining center along with 10 free Flex Dollars. You're welcome to come and go as often as you'd like during operating hours!

If you live in Northern View Community, you can optionally purchase any off-campus student plan.

Plan Meals Cost
Huskie Unlimited Access Unlimited meals at any All You Care to Eat location Included in standard room and board rate for New Hall, Neptune, Gilbert, Grant and Stevenson

Flex Dollars enhance your Huskie Unlimited Access Plan by allowing you to purchase food items at other campus dining locations in addition to the All You Care to Eat dining centers. These dollars additionally provide access to eleven campus dining locations such as the East Side Café, College Grind and other grab 'n go locations. It's perfect for when getting to an All You Care to Eat dining center is difficult. See where you can use Flex Dollars.

During room selection you will be given the option of selecting the following Flex Dollar amounts. Selecting Flex Dollars is optional.

Sign Up for Flex Dollars

Level Amount Cost
Flex Level 1 110 Flex Dollars $105 per semester
Save $5
Flex Level 2 220 Flex Dollars $210 per semester
Save $10
Flex Level 3 330 Flex Dollars $315 per semester
Save $15
Flex Level 4 450 Flex Dollars $420 per semester
Save $30
Amount Cost
75 Flex Dollars $75 per semester
125 Flex Dollars $120 per semester Save $5
250 Flex Dollars $230 per semester Save $20
350 Flex Dollars $320 per semester Save $30

Huskie Bucks are an essential part of on-campus living. They are required as payment for laundry in the residence halls as well as for printing around campus. Additionally, Huskie Bucks can be used for food purchases at all campus dining centers and some designated locations off campus.

Before the start of the semester, you have a one-time opportunity to have a set amount ($200) of Huskie Bucks billed through your bursar account and ready for use once you arrive. Add $200 Huskie Bucks now.

Once the semester starts, you will only be able to add funds to your Huskie Bucks account through the OneCard Office.

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