Student Organizations

Student Conduct holds jurisdiction over student organization conduct matters. The NIU Student Code of Conduct is applicable to student organizations and outlines the rights and responsibilities of a recognized student organization. Additionally, the Student Code of Conduct outlines the procedure which will be undertaken when Student Conduct responds to an alleged conduct violation. In addition to the NIU Student Code of Conduct, student organizations are required to comply with all other applicable NIU policies and procedures.

Student Organizations on Social Probation at NIU

Student organizations not currently recognized by the university
Organization Type Expiration of Probation
Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority 05-15-2021
Phi Kappa Theta (Conditional)* Fraternity 12-31-2020

Student Organizations on Organizational Disciplinary Probation at NIU

Definition of terms
Organization Type Student Code of Conduct/Policy Violation Expiration of Probation

Student Organizations Not Currently Recognized by NIU

Loss of Recognized Student Organization Status means that the organization cannot: Recruit members; Hold events or; Use university space for functions

Student organizations on university disciplinary probation
Organization Student Code of Conduct/Policy Violation Expiration of Loss of Recognized Student Organization Status
Delta Phi Delta Fraternity
  • Hazing
Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity
  • Off Campus Social Policy-Open Parties
  • Off Campus Social Policy-Registration, Alcoholic Events
  • Off Campus Social Policy-Hard Alcohol/Glass Containers
  • Off Campus Social Policy-Wristbands
  • Off Campus Social Policy-Common Source Alcohol
  • Off Campus Social Policy-Guest List, Policy Requirements
Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity
  • Hazing
  • Disruptive Behavior
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol-Providing to a Minor
Sigma Kappa Sorority
  • Off Campus Social Policy-Guest List, Policy Requirements (Level I)
  • Off Campus Social Policy-Sober Monitors (Level III)
  • Off Campus Social Policy-Registration, Alcoholic Event (Level III) (4x Charged)

*See definition of terms.

Definition of Terms

Student organizations on social probation
Conditional Subject to an agreement with the Provost's Office of Northern Illinois University
Indefinite No end date to the sanction
Loss of Recognition The organization is not recognized by the NIU Student Association, pursuant to the Northern Illinois University Student Association Bylaws
Organizational Disciplinary Probation The sanction of organizational disciplinary probation takes a recognized student organization out of good standing with the institution. Organizational disciplinary probation does not affect the ability of an organization to hold social events
Organizational Privileges Loss of ability to conduct any organizational business
Social Probation Loss of ability to register and hold events defined as "social," based on the definitions contained in the On-campus Social Events Policy or Off-campus Social Events Policy, put forth by Student Involvement and Leadership Development
Restrictions A sanction that restricts particular actions or functions of an organization
University Privileges Loss of ability to participate in university sponsored events or activities, including, but not limited to: intramural, and events sponsored by other Recognized Student Organizations

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