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NIU AccountIDs & Passwords

Change Your Password

All employees, applicants and admitted students are assigned unique user AccountIDs (A-IDs and Z-ID's respectively). The ID is permanent.

Looking Up Your NIU Account ID

Active NIU employees and Admitted Students can retrieve their AccountID by searching the NIU Directory.  Student Applicants will need to call the IT Service Desk at (815) 753-8100 if they need help locating their AccountID.

  1. Go to the NIU Directory
  2. Enter your name in the search box and click Search.
  3. Click on your name to view the Person Card containing more information.
  4. Your AccountID is the first part of your full NIU email address. (Ex., A1234567 is the AccountID)

Student employees will be issued an employee AccountID (A-ID) for all work-related duties. This account is managed separately from the student Z-ID.

Changing Your Password

Your Initial Password is assigned when your account is created. It is good for only 5 logins and must be changed online at NIU Password Self-Service.

Set up Security Questions!

You can reset your password at any time IF you set up Security Questions. You will be prompted to set up questions the first time you change your password.

Reset forgotten password

  1. Go to NIU Password Self-Service
  2. Click Forgotten Password
  3. Enter your AccountID in the Username field
  4. Answer your security questions
  5. Create a new password.

When You Retire

Your AccountID will expire 210 days after your retirement date. Your AccountID gives you access to MyNIU, including your W-2.